Accessible Data Science for the Blind Using R

Three Available Packages Tailored for Visually Impaired R Users There are three packages for the blind R users “sonify” (Siegert & Williams, 2017) for data sonification; “BrailleR” for data textualization (Godfrey, Warren, Murrell, Bilton, & Sorge, 2020); and “tactileR” for data tactualization [Seo (2020); ]. Data Sonification Figure 1: Sample scatter plot. You can sonify the scatterplot above using “sonify” package (Siegert & Williams, 2017) as follows:

LaTeX is NOT Easy: Creating Accessible Scientific Documents With R Markdown

Although recent advancements in assistive technology has increasingly enabled people who are blind or visually impaired to challenge themselves to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects and careers, there is a lack of …

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Accessible RMarkdown Online Writer


Convenient R package/function for choosing any rectangular data file using interactive GUI dialog box, and seamlessly manipulating tidy data between an Excel window and R session.


R package for email data manipulation from an mbox to a tidy tibble format.

Tactile R

R package for creating tactile graphics for users with visual impairments.


R package for downloading YouTube subtitle transcription in a tidy tibble data_frame.