You can use this function for loading and manipulating any data.frame, data_frame, tbl_df, matrix, table, vector objects into your system-default spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel) in a real time. This function has been inspired by DataViewer and has implemented write_xlsx instead of the default write.csv for a better performance.

viewxl(x, ...)



An object of class data.frame, matrix, table or vector.


Any additional arguments available for write_xlsx.


Data object opened in a preferable spreadsheet application window which will in turn be called on your R session again.



See example below.


if(interactive()) { library(ezpickr) data(airquality) str(airquality) ## View your data object in your spreadsheet software: viewxl(airquality) # Then, when necessary, you can modify the opened data in the spreadsheet and save it as a new data. # You can pass a list object to the `view()` function like below: l <- list(iris = iris, mtcars = mtcars, chickwts = chickwts, quakes = quakes) viewxl(l) # Then, each list item will appear in your Excel window sheet by sheet. }