ezpickr 1.0.5 2019-04-22

  • pick() and picko() functions now allow users to specify value-separator parameter using delim option for *.csv, *.csv2, and *.tsv files when the expected delimitters are not used. For example, in any event your csv file is separating each value using whitespace instead of comma(,) do the following:
data <- pick(delim=" ")

ezpickr 1.0.4 2019-03-23

  • “xpt” file format is now supported in pick() function.
  • Atomic class (vector) is now supported in viewxl() function.

ezpickr 1.0.3 2019-02-28

  • A critical bug that users cannot use the additional arguments of readxl::read_excel() for an Excel format within both pick() and picko() functions has been resolved; by default an Excel file with multiple sheets is returned as a list object when users have not passed any additional arguments.

ezpickr 1.0.2 2019-02-24

  • purrr package has been added to the import package list to efficiently return multiple Excel sheets as a list of tibble; this way offers a better performance than the previous lapply() mechanism.
  • Users can now access a multi-sheet Excel file with each sheet name as well as its index number when using pick() and picko() functions.
  • A bug that users cannot utilize explicit Korean path/file when mode option is specified in pick() function has been resolved; Korean users now can use explicit Korean-included path/file in picko() function as well.
  • view() function is now deprecated to avoid any collision with tibble::view() function which has the same name; users is recommended to use viewxl() function in the future instead.
  • view() and viewxl() functions now return a tibble object reflecting users’ real-time manipulation done in Excel.
  • view() and viewxl() functions have been fixed to process multiple sheets as a list object.
  • mbox file format is now supported in both pick() and picko() functions using mboxr::read_mbox() function under the hood.

ezpickr 1.0.1 2019-02-16

  • New function picko() has been added to assist Korean R users in importing Korean-included path/to/file as an alternative of pick() function; other non-Korean R users can still employ the existing pick() function.
  • A more robust mechanism has been applied to a file path that contains any Korean characters.
  • pick() and picko() functions now automatically return an Excel file that contains more than one sheet as a list of each Work Sheet (Thanks hyun seung Lee for the suggestion via email).
  • view() function now internally employs writexl::write_xlsx() function instead of readr::write_csv() to create Microsoft Excel file to provide users with a stable encoding consistency; since this change, mode option of the view() function has been removed.
  • table class is now supported in view() function by automatically converting it into data.frame class.
  • Startup message has been added to the package so that Korean R users can benefit from the newly developed picko() function when interacting with Korean-included dataset.

ezpickr 1.0.0 2019-02-02

  • mode argument has been added to pick() function to accommodate Korean R users’ needs in terms of R session locale and encoding to Korean. Available values include “ko1” for “CP949” and “ko2” for “UTF-8” while both change R locale into Korean.
  • view() function has been newly added to provide R beginners with a convenient way to place their data in a spread sheet application.

ezpickr 0.1.3 2018-12-02

  • Unused dependencies are moved to “suggest” from “import” field in the description file not to force unnecessary installation for users.
  • interactive() condition is added to the pick() example to avoid any error when called in a non-interactive testing environment.

ezpickr 0.1.2 2018-11-30

  • NEWS file is added to help HTML page.
  • Authorship fixed for Soyoung Choi from contributor to author role for her considerable help for the pick() function.

ezpickr 0.1.1 2018-11-28

  • Providing a sample test file airquality.sav for an example purpose.
  • Now pick() function returns a JSON file into a tibble form.
  • Returning a tibble form for RDA, RData, and RDS as well when pick() function is applied.

ezpickr 0.1.0 Unreleased

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.
  • Initial release.